Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A series of photos of the Mike, Maddie & Lizzie at camp on Monday. As you can see, we were successful in getting them together long enough to snap some photos, however, we did not manage to get a photo with all three of them looking at the camera :)

Photo Stylings of MCM

'Plants & toes on the deck'

'Drying firewood'

'Nells Bell'

Pretty much Nellies only trick (other than sitting for treats) is that she rings the bell when she wants to come in. We have a bell inside that she rings when she wants to go out too! (I am so proud :)).

'yucky boots'

Mike took this photo of Oarie, Maddie, Lizzie and I!


Laurie, Mike and Maddie visited Lizzie, Mom and I at camp yesterday for some fishing! While Maddie and Lizzie napped, Mike did some pretty successful fishing. He caught a sun fish off the dock (we also caught a rock that required a bit of wrangling to get the hook free but I won't post any photos of that:)).

Fun in Boston

This past weekend I visited Dan in Boston and also made it to Sully's 30th birtday! Happy Birthday Sully! Dan was pretty disgusted with the state of my car (rightly so, hey, having a big dog is tough on the car upkeep:)). So, we took it to the allston car wash where it was washed AND vaccumed - the subaru has a new life. Thanks Dan!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This has been a banner summer for black berries. There are a copule of large wild patches along the stonewalls at the farm that have been incredibly fruitfull. Plenty for as many batches of black berry jam as we can make! John helps out with the picking and gets a good bounty, he had enough of the VERY prickly bushes though.
Everwhere I looked, there were juicy berries ready to be picked!

Here is a small example of just how heavy the bushes are with berries this year!


John and I took advantage of the cool, but beautiful weather yesterday to get started (better late than never) on our firewood for this year. There will be a fire place at camp and we hope to get good use out of that!
This is my first time ever using a chain saw! I have run the wood splitter and stacked my fair share of wood, but this was a first! I'd say we got almost half the wood cut up, one more evening of chain saw work and then on to the wood splitter!

Dad making the most of this beautiful day - making lots of hay!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Windmill goes up

Here are some photos of a skystream installation John and crew finished this week in Oakland. First photo is before the lift, second photo is part way up, and the third photo is upright. Great work guys!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One year ago

One year ago this week

Monday, August 4, 2008

David & Goliath

Nellie met the newest doggie addition to our family, Bullet. Bullet is my Uncle Tom & Aunt Char's border collie puppy. 10 weeks I think! So sweet and so smart! Anyway, it was such a riot to see giant nellie with little puppy bullet. They actually played really well together and while bullet got stepped on a couple of times, in no time at all he will be running circles around big ole nellie, nipping at her heels!