Friday, September 30, 2011

Recent house project

A quick look at a home we recently completed.  This is based on the Cambridge design.  I love what the customer chose for the kitchen cabinets - this butter yellow with light floors and counter tops really makes a light and warm space. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

8mo and counting

Presenting, Maeve's 8 month photo attempt.  This mobile little bugger, combined with a restless dog made for some squirmy photo subjects.  Here is a brief look at our attempt:

Daddy plops M in place

she immediately wants out of there

Right for the marker and marker board

Dad tries to put in back in position, but griffy gets ants in his pants


 Must. Get. Marker.

 She prevails.  End 8 month photoshoot.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a musical treat

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lobster feed

After a beautiful day at the gardens, we gathered at Shawn and V's for lobster and other cook out fare (including some out of this world hot salsa courtesy of Shawn!).

V serves up the lobster

I love this photo.  My mother in law, sister in law and aunt in law (is there such a title?) are in the back.  Check out Maeve.  She is turned right around in her little chair wondering what all that laughter and happiness is all about - I love this kid.

Most of the gang.  John offers M corn on the cob - she wasn't that interested, too much else going on.

a Maine feast

boothbay family outing

We celebrated Grammy Rush's birthday (and mine too) at the coastal botanical gardens in Boothbay Maine.  If you haven't been there, you should go.  Amazing place.

Rose and Tony

In the meditation garden 

Our little family 

Incredible stone work and carvings 

Maeve with Daddy in the children's garden - I am not sure who liked it more!

Griffy and Maeve

Maeve loves Grif.  Each morning, she visits giffy in his bed.  So far, Griffy seems ok with it.  He is very still and gentle with her.

 Pat, Pat, Pat Griffy


Our little Maeve is exploring more and more each day.  Yesterday she used a cardboard box as a walker and walked herself around the living room!  We do have proper walkers/toys for this, but somehow the cardboard box was just right.  Anyway, she also loves this play table.  She presses all the buttons (buttons are a favorite thing of hers), makes all the various dials and ho-hickey's go.  All in all, a grand time.

 studying so hard....

Diaper heiney
  Look Mom!

pumpkin picking

Labor day weekend, we pumpkin and apple picked with family.  Here A. Char and Mike begin the hunt for the BIGGEST pumpkin in the patch.

Riding (slowly) in the fields, John gets tired of pushing the stroller and Maeve gets a pulled around.....

Maddie, is there anythings sweeter than little girl braids and fancy necklaces?  I think not.

Happy and heading to the apple trees


Cider apples!


I am from a parade loving family.  My folks are part of an award winning parade group called ' the lawn chair precession drill team', my sister performed in the marching band in college and having marched in what feels like 100 (ok not anywhere near that number, but if feels like it) parades myself in highschool - I really to appreciate and enjoy parades.  This summer we worked on passing that love along to the next generation.  So far so good.

Lizzie waiting patiently....
 Mars is ready.....

 John and Maeve are ready too.

The local fire department breaks out the antique truck for this one.

This parade was nearly washed out as a heavy rain came through just when the parade was supposed to start.  Not any folks stuck around the half hour or so until the rain passed, but we did.  Lizzie reaped the benefits of being one of the few kids along the parade route.  Read as CANDY!  See her bulging pockets?  Here she negotiates with her Mom re: CANDY!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oh so many new and fun things going on around these parts; birthday celebrations, duck races and dowtown bangor fun, coastal botanical gardens, bbq's, a 'new' woodstove, griffy got skunked and our house has mice, oh and Maeve is now waving hi and bye, she also is signing for milk!  Hopefully some time to down load and post pics will present itself soon.