Monday, April 25, 2011

visit with Aunt Louise

Aunt Louise celebrated a birthday recently and we took Maeve (her namesake) for a visit! 

 Aunt Char & Maeve

 Maeve, Aunt Laurie & Mom
Maeve & her Great-Great Aunt Louise!

hanging out

Maeve hanging out with Daddy

Maeve is working those hands now, grabbing necklaces, sweatshirt strings, reaching for shirt buttons....

big weekend!

Happy 3rd Birthday Liz!!!

Maeve likes walking around with Gramp

 Uncle Dan snuggles with babies

Welcome Martin!!!!

What a difference 3 month (Maeve) and 3 years (Lizzie) makes compared to newborn Martin!
 special time with her bro
 Snuggling with neen
 L & M

Great weekend!  Martin came home, Lizzie turned 3, Dan was home, earth day and easter! 

3 months!

Here is our 3 month old!  These days she is really discovering her hands, interested in toys, liking the exersaucer and the play gyms for babies.  Smiles all around too.  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

12 weeks

Spring has arrived!  we have been able to sit on the deck and get a few rays of sun, the snow is mostly gone except a few spots in the woods, and we have a random turkey frequenting our back yard. 

Some photos of Maeve at 12 weeks:

 I can only imagine what is running through her mind!  John thinks it is ridiculous. (Maeve, he stood up for you on this one:)).

Monday, April 11, 2011

family resemblance?

Me ~ 4 mos

 Maeve almost 3 mos

We all see lots of John, his sisters V & Char, Mom Rose & Aunt Beth when we look at Maeve, so it has been fun to look at my baby pictures and see some likeness as well!  I guess it is probably safe to say she has my hair and forehead?  No matter, she has the 'burgess stare' down pat.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

rolling over!

It has been a big couple of days for Maeve, she slept through the night 2x in a row and rolled over last night!  She was having some tummy time and went from her belly to her back twice.

John is working late in Northport finishing a solar collector system there and getting ready for his PE exam tomorrow.  I am sure he will be so relieved to have that behind him, even if only for a few months until he takes it again. 

Tonight we have the first community forum in Pittsfield, so Maeve and I will go to that and give John some quiet time to study.  Lots of fun to look forward to this weekend, a bridal shower, birthday party and Dickens family spring get together!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maeve sleeps through the night!!!!

And I am doing a little dance around here today - a full nights sleep!  Well, she slept from 7:30 pm to 4 a.m. I am counting that as a full night sleep.  She got up, filled her belly and went right back to sleep only to awake faithfully at 6 a.m.  We refer to her as our PA system, 'Pickle Alarm', because she is up at 6 in the morning with out fail.  Good thing I am a morning person!

 tummy time

Monday, April 4, 2011

9, 10 and 11 weeks!

Such a happy baby!!! 

 Telling Daddy all about it:
 Griffy in the background, watching the bird feeder in an effort to protect the household from squirrels!  Get em grif!
 Easter Hat from Jeanne - so cute!

 all packed up to go to Nana Judy's - where she spends 3-4 days a week
 Modeling Mom's latest crazy hat creation

 Snuggling with Daddy - Maeve is a cuddly girl

Besides marveling at Maeve, we have been busy.  Working at the waterville apartment house and we bought a 3rd apartment house, this one right in Newport.  Also getting ready to set the house in Searsport, the foundation is in, just waiting on the house now.  We are boiling Sap down on the wood stove and I am learning to crochet.  John is studying like crazy for his PE exam and just sat for the NABCEP.  Life is hitting a bit of a rhythm again, very nice!

Pickle in a Basket!

This is Maeve in a basket I got from grammy dickens (I think) and the wedding quilt that Aunt Laurie, Em and Mom made for me and John. 

 Too funny

 Sticking out her tongue all the time now!  Raspberries here we come....