Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the foundation is coming along

Work at our new home site continues, in spite of the recent rain! We are going with an ICF (insulated concrete foundation). So, in the last few days, our beloved hole in the ground now has footers and foundation walls. With a little help from mother nature, we might even have the concrete for the walls poured on friday. (fingers crossed)
nothing like a productive day to make John smile!

Mike trimming up the block

Griffin really wants 'in'

This is before they started blocking up the foundation

the day the footers were poured

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newry will never be the same

Last weekend was the annual ski weekend with friends. I don't know if we ever decided if this was the 8h or 9th annual, but it is a guaranteed good time for all. This year we rented a house in Newry, at the base of Sunday River mountain. The weather was unbelievably great, so we really enjoyed the fire pit. Already looking forward to next year!
'Press-caught', John and Will

Highschool buds, Shawn & Will

The house

Kristen & Labbe

Ian & Liz's famous lasagna

the famous lasagna

crew around the fire pit

Kristen at the fire with crocs and wine

Shawn & Liz

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

today on the table, tomorrow senior photos?

i think she is practicing for her senior pictures:::


I had special visitors at Evolo last week. Em is behind the camera & lulu is very busy at my desk. look at all her drawing! a pen in each hand! the focus! the concentration!Griffin is a royal pain in the puttutie (that is probably not a word) when it comes to lulu. He must be in her space at every moment.
Lulu and I practice our 'surprised' faces (pretty good huh?)

and our scowls
On a side note, lulu is very good at saying E-Vol-O! I think she thinks I live there (sometimes I do too).

Friday, March 12, 2010


I think eggs are beautiful, I love the different colors, sizes and speckles. I distinctly remember almost buying a dozen quail eggs a couple years ago, simply because they were gorgeous. (I didn't buy the quail eggs, I didn't really want them to eat, I wanted to decorate with them and I figured the loveliness of eggs is absolutely out weighed by the stench of rotten egg).
Yesterday I collected these eggs:
From these chickens:
Then I started looking around.... and I noticed thisand this oh and god help me, my favorite, this

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


thanks to this machine: this machine of a brother-in-law:

and this machine of a husband:

our new house lot is cleared:

oh, and a few other machines like the chainsaw, the excavator and ME, a.k.a. the brush piling machine.

The Many Faces of.... Part 3

Emily!Ok, so she thinks I am silly, a photo taking foolLucky she chose the index finger I guess....

The Many Faces of.... Part 2

what is that camera you are holding? i am very interested.

oh wait, i think you should give it to me.
Really, aunt kate give me the camera or I am going to scowl for real!
ok, change of scenery.

so sweet......

The Many Faces of..... Part 1


Thursday, March 4, 2010

make no bones about it

See anything unusual here????
A closer look reveals Griffins latest attempt to store his bone. I mean, don't we all keep our nasty half chewed dog bones at the front door? this dog cracks me up

in deep

I am now the proud, and embarrassingly incapable, owner of a DSLR camera! My new, to me, D5000 arrived yesterday. I got a couple of lenses, the basic 18-55mm and the ultra wide lens 12-24mm (addresses the real purpose for the camera, property photos). I had been thinking and researching this for months, so it is exciting to made the decision!
So, now you get to view my experimenting. The camera arrived yesterday and the only available subjects were the Evolo house and Griffin. So, here we are.

Does he have this posing stuff down or what? He is so bored with me:)

Yes, this is my desk, I am sure you were all dying to see it.

can't believe what a difference the ultra wide lens makes. It seems like it captures things that are behind you! Love the capability, but it will take some getting used too.