Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Shoe Fun

John, Nellie and I went snow shoeing this weekend. It was good for me to get some fresh air and excercise and Nellie certainly had fun playing with John!

this is Nellies 'i am about ready to pounce' position - playing with John

This is called a 'Nellie Spoon' - sometimes she is so tired you can get right in there and get a hug and she doesn't care:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1985 Part 4

Final installment of the look back at 1985:

Emily was quite sick with chicken pox over christmas in 1985 -though at this point she looks pretty happy with whatever it is that she is holding! Em - do you remember what this was?

It looks like my love of entertaining and cooking started early - this appears to be a barbie bbq set! Thank you Santa! :)

Sleigh rides with Pete, our workhorse a the time. Dad has all us kids in the sleigh with him.

Danny the fireman:

Posts without Pictures

Well,the last week or so I haven't found occasion to break out the camera but we have been busy. Things at Evolo are right straight ahead, infact business is picking up a bit after some quiet days around the holidays. John, Dad and crew are working away at completing the 3 houses we have going and we have another model coming in late feb. We have also been exploring new products that compliment our current business - more to come on that.

On the personal front we have all been tucking in trying to keep warm! We did venture out this weekend for a Margarita night with Kelly and Ralph and a umaine womens basketball game. Monday Susie, Laurie and I went on a shopping trip to Freeport and Augusta for a 10 hour shopping marathon. It is a good thing the car was full, otherwise the marathon might have been longer!

Tonight we headed to a Diane & Tom Allen event in pittsfield.

Our book club meets tomorrow night and we read 'Songs with out words' by Ann Packer.

Friday, January 18, 2008

1985 part 3

1985 continues into the fall....

Here emily and I are ready for some serious trick or treating. Unlike many of my 'in town' friends, trick or treating for us meant piling into the car (usually the Kus's station wagon) and riding around East Newport to various neighbors for goodies. These goodies included popcorn balls from Isabelle, Ice Cream sandwiches from the Varneys and various office supplies from the Pyrzacks. There was some normal candy in there somewhere too :) Emily is a Ballerina with some very pronouced blush and eye shadow. I was a Cindi Lauper inspired punk rocker. Notice the plastic charm necklace - this was the fad when I was in second grade (or at least this is how I remember it).

Here is the start of our traditon to back the pick up under the Wolf River trees to harvest the apples. Usually we just shake the tree and watch the apples fall.... I think that is Emily standing on top of the cab. Notice the lack of christmas trees in the background!

Here is out cider press from 1870 something. It is the one we still use and you may recall seeing it in postings I made this fall from our cider adventure with Will & Kristen. Notice Dad and I watching Emily do all the work :)

Looks like Dad is rebuilding a chimney with some serious help from Danny! This was too cute not to post.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1985 part 2

1985 contintues here with a few pictures of summer fun:

Em and dan playing on the corn chopper, oh the things farm kids play on! Perhaps this was special because it was new or something? not sure on that one. It just cracks me up that we would want to play with/on this....

A family trip to the beach, one of the few pictures with the whole family in the entire year of 1985. Dad would certainly have beaten Danny in the gun show at this point. (reference Dan's blog: http://ddburgess.blogspot.com/ )

Canoeing with Dad & Uncle Tom at grammy and grampys in Linconville. I think this canoe trip was part of our camping trip in Grammy & Grampys back yard in Lincolnville. There was a lot of 'camping' photos from 1985 - if you include having the tent set up in the back yard. I remember camping of this era was not very comfortable - no portable blow up matresses....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tucking in for Jan weather

Nellie, for one, was glad to see the snow back. Here she is asking to come in. she stands on the deck and paws at the dining room window to let us know she would like to come in. Every once in awhile she reminds me of Andy Rooney with snow all caught up in her eyebrows...

Nellie snuggles up to Grammy Susie.

Dad is having a little trouble reading this document. Notice the reading glasses, magnifying glass, and flashlight for extra light.... Ok, in fairness to Dad, the print was pretty darn small.....


Ok, so I am borrowing a feature called 'The Vault' from Ang & KJ http://www.thecardinalblog.com/ In this case, we are spotlighting the fantastic year of 1985... In 1985 I was 7-8, Em was 5-6 and Dan was 2-3.

Ok, so this was an Easter picture. My fav thing about this picture the outfit my brother dan is sporting. Notice the bow tie and the shorts! Too cute. Emmy looks very american girl in her dress and I am not so sure what is going on with my hair cut.....

This is the same easter but also with our cousins Mark & Sarah in the mix. Notice the beautiful couch in the background - i think this is my uncle Tom & aunt Char's house....

This is the Burgess kids at the farm in Newport. Mostly I think our socks and short shorts are quite stylish

I remember such fun with my uncle & aunt, Tom and Char, and this is proof of that fun! It looks like we are all laughing pretty hard and Tom has his work cut out for him with all 3 of us hanging on for dear life. Also notice the lovely sofa in this photo....

In 1985 we got a new caravan. Em, Dan 'I call outside middle seat' !!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

No Dog Like a Snow Dog

As you probably know, Nellie loves winter. She lays in snowbanks whenever possible. A side affect of this affinity is that nellie comes in the house with snow balled up all over her! She likes to eat snow, so this doubles as a good snack but mostly makes for a sopping wet house. Better bring your slippers when you visit!

Warming temps, mounting ice

well, we have a 'bit' of ice build up at camp, so this is my feeble attempt at getting the snow off the roof! luckily I was able to get a lot of snow off and the temps are warming up so what I didn't get will hopefully melt right off! Nellie was trying to be a big help....

Progress on the latest houses

Well, John, John and team are making progress, despite the cold, on our winter homes. Here are a couple of pictures from last week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Digging Out Jan 08

Well, 2008 started off with snow, snow and more snow. After being away for a few days I had quite a shoveling challenge ahead of me at the office. We probably got about 2.5 feet of snow over our weekend off. So a before and after 2 hours of shoveling. Tomorrow I will probably be seriously sore!

Christmas Break

Well, I didn't do a great job of capturing photos this Christmas break, but here is the scoop on our mini vacation. After Christmas we had a few days of down time that included catching up, cleaning up and resting up. We executed a highway 'rescue' for Shawn and V whose car broke down near our exit on the highway Luckily it was a nice day and the police and DOT were in a helping and merry mood and we got them off the highway and home in good time. Mom and I did some yarn shopping and got loaded up on new projects for the new year. Mom did get a picture me winding yarn (with her help). Also a picture of Nellie with her christmas Duck (a gift from brinkley).

Sunday we had a shrimp and clam feast with friends and family. Will & Kristen came north for cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Kristen, Nellie and I went for a nice ski while John proceeded to take Will for a snowmobile adventure no one will soon forget. The guys were gone for what felt like a long time when the phones start ringing. John called on one line to say ' have you seen or heard from Will?" and Will called on the other line from a store in Newport! John and Will eventually met up and made their way home safely and in plenty of time for cheese cake. Incidentally Nellie was great on our cross country ski adventure. She stayed right with Kristen and I. Nellie slept like a log for the next 2 days!

We spend New Years in Connecticut at the new and beautiful home of our beloved friends Ron & Jean. We had a lovely stay and got to catch up with lots of people we miss dearly! There was a not so skilled game of pool or two, hot tubing, big screen TV watching and tons of food, friends and drink. Thanks for the hospitality Ron & Jean!

The New Years Day trip home from CT was not exactly smooth. We were getting a pretty significant snow storm - 12-16" at home yesterday! Anyway, the traveling was very slow. But we made it home safely in about 7 hours.