Friday, January 18, 2008

1985 part 3

1985 continues into the fall....

Here emily and I are ready for some serious trick or treating. Unlike many of my 'in town' friends, trick or treating for us meant piling into the car (usually the Kus's station wagon) and riding around East Newport to various neighbors for goodies. These goodies included popcorn balls from Isabelle, Ice Cream sandwiches from the Varneys and various office supplies from the Pyrzacks. There was some normal candy in there somewhere too :) Emily is a Ballerina with some very pronouced blush and eye shadow. I was a Cindi Lauper inspired punk rocker. Notice the plastic charm necklace - this was the fad when I was in second grade (or at least this is how I remember it).

Here is the start of our traditon to back the pick up under the Wolf River trees to harvest the apples. Usually we just shake the tree and watch the apples fall.... I think that is Emily standing on top of the cab. Notice the lack of christmas trees in the background!

Here is out cider press from 1870 something. It is the one we still use and you may recall seeing it in postings I made this fall from our cider adventure with Will & Kristen. Notice Dad and I watching Emily do all the work :)

Looks like Dad is rebuilding a chimney with some serious help from Danny! This was too cute not to post.

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Emily said...

I came across that plastic charm necklace recently when we were going through some old boxes. They are just beautiful!