Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Break

Well, I didn't do a great job of capturing photos this Christmas break, but here is the scoop on our mini vacation. After Christmas we had a few days of down time that included catching up, cleaning up and resting up. We executed a highway 'rescue' for Shawn and V whose car broke down near our exit on the highway Luckily it was a nice day and the police and DOT were in a helping and merry mood and we got them off the highway and home in good time. Mom and I did some yarn shopping and got loaded up on new projects for the new year. Mom did get a picture me winding yarn (with her help). Also a picture of Nellie with her christmas Duck (a gift from brinkley).

Sunday we had a shrimp and clam feast with friends and family. Will & Kristen came north for cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Kristen, Nellie and I went for a nice ski while John proceeded to take Will for a snowmobile adventure no one will soon forget. The guys were gone for what felt like a long time when the phones start ringing. John called on one line to say ' have you seen or heard from Will?" and Will called on the other line from a store in Newport! John and Will eventually met up and made their way home safely and in plenty of time for cheese cake. Incidentally Nellie was great on our cross country ski adventure. She stayed right with Kristen and I. Nellie slept like a log for the next 2 days!

We spend New Years in Connecticut at the new and beautiful home of our beloved friends Ron & Jean. We had a lovely stay and got to catch up with lots of people we miss dearly! There was a not so skilled game of pool or two, hot tubing, big screen TV watching and tons of food, friends and drink. Thanks for the hospitality Ron & Jean!

The New Years Day trip home from CT was not exactly smooth. We were getting a pretty significant snow storm - 12-16" at home yesterday! Anyway, the traveling was very slow. But we made it home safely in about 7 hours.

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