Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scenes from the house

here is a look at recent activity at the new house.  the days have been full, but we are seeing progress every day.

i have even gotten the paint samples out.  the kitchen, living & dining will be the color in the middle, Edgecomb grey.  i have used this color before and LOVE it!  it is from an old pottery barn/ benjamin moore color wheel.  Somehow it is grey and brown at the same time.  the color on the left will go in the mud room.  the color on the right will go no where.

here is a look at what John's work space in the basement.  there were had at work building the basement stairs.

we have even got a few light fixtures in!  this light fixture is over the bar...

Laurie brought us flowers!

i was brave.  very brave.  i painted the bathroom a very dark brown/grey, called Granite.  i love it!  John's only reaction was: 'wow, that's dark'. 

even Griffin has managed to spend some time at the house.  he found this stale donut and is 'hiding' it in this box of nails. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

a sneak peak inside

set day video

Monday, April 12, 2010

recent home project

We recently completed this home.  I think it is beautiful, if I do say so myself! 

The granite counters will really finish off this stunning kitchen.

complete with wine cooler

Foyer with the living room on one side and an archway leading to the dining room and kitchen.

Spring gathering

It turns out that we inadvertantly have created a new spring tradition - a family gathering (at the Sea Dog 2 years in a row).  This is my mom, her sibs and our cousins. fun!

Em & Ryan

Aunt Laurie, Dad, Mom & Aunt Char

Michael shows us his magic tricks

and voila!

Maddie, Mark & Mike

Maddie & Liz talk things over. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sometimes, it gets a little messy

Well, we are back at it after a LOT of rain last week!  The guys poured the concrete walls yesterday.  Lizzie and I went to watch and have some of our own fun.
This contraption is what is known as a 'pump truck'.  This is used to take concrete from the concrete truck and put it exactly where we want it. 


Lizzie play in the dirt

and.......  wipes her hands off on me. 

Here is the pump truck in action - john is holding the hose and the concrete is coming out of that into the ICF forms.  so much easier than dumping concrete into wheelbarrows, somehow creating a maze of staging to get up the top of the walls, and then dumping it in, one wheel barrow at a time. 

Here it is - the walls all poured.

a view from the top

Lizzie approves.

Spring hits benedicta

We spent the Easter Holiday in Benedicta with john's family. the weather was unbelievable.
this is the view from their deck
Charlotte sets the table. Rose made homemade donuts for breakfast. it was a HUGE treat! pretty spring flowers!
me, doing a little knitting. oh and mike in the corner - looks like he might be scratching the lottery tickets that the easter bunny brought

John and his Dad, 'neighbor'. 2 thumbs up for a great easter weekend!