Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scenes from the house

here is a look at recent activity at the new house.  the days have been full, but we are seeing progress every day.

i have even gotten the paint samples out.  the kitchen, living & dining will be the color in the middle, Edgecomb grey.  i have used this color before and LOVE it!  it is from an old pottery barn/ benjamin moore color wheel.  Somehow it is grey and brown at the same time.  the color on the left will go in the mud room.  the color on the right will go no where.

here is a look at what John's work space in the basement.  there were had at work building the basement stairs.

we have even got a few light fixtures in!  this light fixture is over the bar...

Laurie brought us flowers!

i was brave.  very brave.  i painted the bathroom a very dark brown/grey, called Granite.  i love it!  John's only reaction was: 'wow, that's dark'. 

even Griffin has managed to spend some time at the house.  he found this stale donut and is 'hiding' it in this box of nails. 

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John and Susan said...

Yes, I saw Griffin 'hide' his old stale donut... it worked at it quite a while- looking for the best possible sport. Then he tried to cover it with nails- hard on the nose, so he tried to put the box lid pieces over it... he worked hard and long on this. and now I hear he has moved it to another hiding spot... this dog is 'hell bent' on hiding his treasures! It seems to be his current life's work! It is entertaining for sure!