Monday, October 31, 2011

Head of the charles

Emily and I ventured to Cambridge to visit Dan recently (sans kids - you can't imagine how exciting that was, or maybe you can).  Our visit coincided with the head of the charles regatta which I had heard so much about but never been too.  Anyway, we watched some of the senior trials Sunday morning, pretty amazing stuff.  I can see why people love Crew, the 'whoosh' of the rowing, the rhythm of it all is pretty enchanting.

I have no idea who the people are, just loved watching them all!

Em & Dan look on

Busy river




Crowd watching the races

Sunday mornings in Cambridge MA are pretty great, they close down a major street for a few blocks so local folks can use the roads, great time for families - kids learning to use their bikes etc.  This particular weekend was beautiful.  We had great food all weekend, we SLEPT (there are no words for how amazing that was!), hung out together and oh yeah, shopped until we just about dropped.  Quite literally.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


well, a noreaster hit new england today - second year in a row we have had snow in time for trick or treating!  I missed out on appreciating the first snow, something about having it fall during the night and not really getting to watch it come down.  Anyway, I look forward to the next snow (well, not that I want to hurry it) when I can have a warm cup of coffee in my hands, holiday music in the back ground - you get the idea.  back to today's storm, it left us without power for most of the morning, John and I had campfire coffee.  We were toasty warm with the woodstove going and I had thought ahead enough to have water supplies on hand.  Once power was restored, I threw together a couple lasagnas and batch of oatmeal, raisin and chocolate chip cookies.  I didn't manage to take any photos of any of this, not one.  Not one photo of the trees laden with snow, not one snowflake.  Luckily, Mom, Emily and her kiddo's came by later in the day and we did manage to get the camera's out.

ps - M has her 4th tooth and is taking 3, 4 and 5 steps at a time now!  Also, I think we can officially say her first word is Dada (actually she calls him Dadada)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

family dinner at the farm

We had a random night recently with all my family in town - such a treat!  We got together at the farm for a low key evening and dinner (homemade pizza - white pizza with cranberry and artichokes is one of our favorites).

Uncle Dan & Martin

Dan and Rachel (or as lizzie says, way-chel)

Em, Martin and Ryan (martin teething!)

Maeve and John absorbed in a book.

Mom & Dad

Lizzie's cupcakes (she had cooked with her mimi earlier in the day) - yum!

Dan visiting and enjoying some wine from the cellardoor winery

Some Dahlia's from the camden dahlia garden (I think I will be planting some dahlia's next year!)

Looks like Lizzie must be giving gramp a talking too....

Maeve & Aunt Em

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ahhhh vacation......  Well, let me tell you, vacationing with a 9 month old (at least our 9 month old) is not exactly restful.  While it may not have been full of R&R, but it was full of family, friends and exploring.

Maeve on the deck at the cottage on the ocean, Northport Maine.
 John and Maeve take a break from playing in the yard.

We met with the burgess/dickens clan in lincolnville - here we are having dinner at the Whales Tooth (a family favorite).  Lizzie gets lobster (her favorite!).

Gramp, Grammy, Uncle Tom and Aunt Char have Maeve laughing

Dan & Rachel

Martin eats: its no lobster, but he is pretty thrilled about it!

On top of Mount Battie

This photo was taken at the cellar door winery in Lincolnville Maine.  We really enjoyed our time there and got some great wine - I definitely recommend checking out this gorgeous place!

Maeve and Liam checking each other out.....

Friends Will, Kristen & Liam came with us for a few nights.

Reading to M

And she's off!!!! 

Watching sunrise at the pier near the house we stayed at.
  So cute - I love her bed head! :)

No one will look at the camera! :)

John watching sunrise from the pier

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

daddy kisses

PS - she took her first steps last night!

Monday, October 24, 2011

a party with multiple things to celebrate!

We recently spent the day with Johns family in celebration of two birthdays, a house warming and seeing some family from away.  Maeve had a great day! 

Shawns chair is perfect for pulling up on.

I'd say she is delighted about something!

Here is Tony working on V and Shawns b-day project - putting together their new garage.

John and Butch

Buster & Gil

Cathy & Maeve
 Charlotte, Beth & Rose

Maeve really wants to help out - she is such a busy & curious girl