Thursday, October 27, 2011

family dinner at the farm

We had a random night recently with all my family in town - such a treat!  We got together at the farm for a low key evening and dinner (homemade pizza - white pizza with cranberry and artichokes is one of our favorites).

Uncle Dan & Martin

Dan and Rachel (or as lizzie says, way-chel)

Em, Martin and Ryan (martin teething!)

Maeve and John absorbed in a book.

Mom & Dad

Lizzie's cupcakes (she had cooked with her mimi earlier in the day) - yum!

Dan visiting and enjoying some wine from the cellardoor winery

Some Dahlia's from the camden dahlia garden (I think I will be planting some dahlia's next year!)

Looks like Lizzie must be giving gramp a talking too....

Maeve & Aunt Em

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