Thursday, October 6, 2011

in 5 minutes

a few minutes with M:

Starts off at her play table, a favorite these days.

Over to visit me on the couch with the camera.

Next stop, coffee table and her milk bottle is within reach.

Quite interested in the bottle

but not exactly getting it right, that is if she wants to drink out of it.  If the goal was teething, way to go girl!

Looking exasperated and annoyed with her camera-in-the-face mom, and a bottle that she can't get the milk out of.

Yes, dear, yelling at it WILL help.

regrouping & determined
 been there, done that.
 Looking for advice?

Is this a Medela commercial in the making, or what? 

Now checking her dad's math and design skills.

 reviewing it very carefully (does that serious design work look like snowmen to anyone else?  is my PE of a husband designing snowmen? :))

To the table for another look.

And back to the coffee table - I had to get in the middle of this one and prevent the tissue eating fest that was about to take place.

Now what?

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