Wednesday, October 5, 2011

squash harvest

This years squash crop goes down as a bumper crop for sure.  With lots of squash to pick and a looming frost Maeve and I pitched in to help Grampy yesterday.  Maeve had a ball, she hung out in the trailer where we loaded squash for almost 2 hours.  She loved it when the tractor moved, pulling the wagon - with her in it along.  When she tired of crawling on the squash, drinking from my water jug, eating dirt and other randomness, playing with toys, yelling/singing and overall trying out her voice, we headed up the the farm and were startled by this pheasant. 

The pheasant must have been raised by someone near by as this one is very tame.  It actually jumped up on the hood of my car and pecked at my window when I tried to drive away.  

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