Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sorry mr fed ex delivery man

Until last week, there was no curtain on this door.  That was before I seemingly got caught in the buff by the fed ex delivery man.  One morning as I was getting in the shower I heard M screaming, she had fallen and though John was doing a great job comforting her, sometimes a baby wants her mom. So, I went to lend a hand.  On my way back to the shower, the delivery man was leaving a package at the door, which gives a clear view through much of our home.  I did not personally see the delivery man, but John was right behind me and John saw him, so all signs point to the poor delivery guy getting more than he bargained for.  And adding insult to injury, the next day deliveries were left at the base of our ramp/steps, instead of up at the door.  Guess he wasn't going to take any chances that it would happen again.

Well mr Fedex man, no worries, this curtain is in honor of you.

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