Thursday, May 14, 2009


a photo in our back yard earlier this week. Fox? Coyote? anyone see it? you may have to click on the photo to see the animal - it is in the center of the photo, blonde/gray coloring, partially tree hidden.

eager beaver

john's 'new' trailer to haul is excavator on. no, this is not just a cleaver title post, the trailer brand name is 'eager beaver'. really.

A birthday celebration fit for a mom

We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend while my brother dan was home. We spent the evening together at camp, had BBQ food and one delicious chocolate cake (thanks for the recipe Cindi!) Some photos from our evening:
do we look like a group ready to party or what?!?!

Lizzie shows off her superb crawling skills

Burgess sibs

Suzie blows out the candles

Em helping with dinner

walking, here I come!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who weighs 189 lbs?

yup, thats right. 189 lbs.
nellie scared us over the last couple of days, she was quite sick with a severe bladder infection. anyway, she is now on meds and is already feeling MUCH better.
at the vet, we realized she had not been weighed since she was ~16 months old. At that time she weighed about 160. I was actually concerned that her weight had gone down from that point, but clearly I am a blind momma. She is the biggest dog in the entire vet practice. they don't think she is overweight per say, she is tall and broad and just plain massive. OMG, we really do have a small pony for a dog.
(please forgive me nellie for broadcasting your weight on the internet)