Wednesday, May 25, 2011

with mom

I am usually behind the camera, but have been trying to get a few pics of me and 'pickle'.  I am not particularly impressed with this one of me, but I love the way she is laughing and smiling up at me:)  what a little doll!

Monday, May 23, 2011

4 month medical stuff & cinnamon rolls

We had great news late last week, Maeve's kidney/uterer condition (hydro nephrosis) does not look like it will need surgical correction!  yipee!!  Her kidneys look good and her condition is very mild.  we loved the specialist (of course she had good news for us) and are so relived!

Today she had her normal 4 month check up.  She is 14 lbs and 25.5 inches.  That puts her up on the chart for height and middle of the pack for weight.  She had 2 shots, poor baby, and feels pretty crummy this evening (bless her heart my grammy dickens would say).   She seems to be right on track in terms of milestones.  Maeve is all smiles for all the medical personnel she has seen over the last few days.

On top of all this, Em and I made a triple batch of the pioneer womans cinnamon rolls - it was a messy afternoon to say the least!  Lizzie was a big help and both Martin and Maeve napped during at least some of the cooking.  Having several trays in my freezer makes me feel good :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John's Birthday!

We celebrated John's 35th birthday this past weekend, complete with family, strawberry shortcake and tubbys's icecream!

Happy Birthday John!
 Shawn visits, Mom Rose in the background
 Alison hanging out

 Tubby's Ice Cream - yum!!!!  So glad buster and char introduced us to tubbys!
 Maeve visits with Uncle Mike

4 month old magic

Here is a sleepy and relaxed Maeve on her 4 month b-day.  She settled right into Griffin - he is quite soft and fluffy.  He seems resigned to stay put:)

Grif gives M some love

She reacts the way we all do - ewww! :)
 a look of concern from M - 'really mom, you are going to leave me here?'

Lets see, at 4 months Maeve LOVES her jumparoo.  John gives her 'wheelies' in it.  She laughs and laughes, especially with John.  She is sleeping ok, still up 1-2x per night (ok 3x last night).  We put together her high chair last week and she is sitting in that some as the bumboo may be getting too small.  She 'sings' with us, is an early riser, and a very happy girl.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful day for a white wedding! :)

And the sun shone, a perfectly beautiful day in the midst of a rainy stretch for Doug & Robins wedding.  The wedding and reception were at the Farm on Worthley Pond in Peru Maine - lovely spot!

 Maeve sports here latest hat and chills out on daddy

Here comes the bride!

Lizzie plays with bubbles

It was a relaxed, fun, sunny day - great food, great friends, great occasion!  (and we only got lost finding it once:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Nelson

We had a quick, but lovely visit with the Nelson clan.  This weekend was a big race in Loudon and the entire crew, and a few others (aka the Rushes) were in town.  Maeve got to meet Eric & Cindy before they head off for a Spanish adventure!

what happen's when daddy dresses Maeve?

The other day I got M up from her nap and noticed something was a bit off.  Take a close look at her outfit here::

Smiley girl:)
 Hmmm...  this outfit seems exceptionally detailed in the back.....

 She doesn't seem too mind though!

Mothers Day video debut

Here is Maeve on Mothers Day 'talking' up a storm! She also loves to 'sing' along, current favorites are Doe-Ray-Me and the beach boys.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a glimpse into emily's life:

The arrival of my baby nephew has meant lots of changes for the whole family. There are some idyllic moments like this:

 and this:

but the reality of life with another new one is more like this:

 ok, lets try again:

and now we have lizzie looking at the camera at least!
 oops, we lost her
 ok, now if we can just get everyone eyes open:
 soooooo close!  (martin is not very happy though!)

and this is ends up being the best one:)

jumping and sitting

Time for editing has been in short supply, so these are straight from the camera - sorry!

 Maeve sitting - she does pretty well propped up.  When she is laying down, she is constantly trying to get herself into a sitting position - feet kicking, lifting her head up...
my smiley girl:)

 and we tried the Johnny jump up this week!  I would say it was a success.  We let her in the exersaucer and jump up for short periods of time ('they' say it isn't good for spine development to be in there too long, too soon) but it turns out she is a bit of a dare devil and likes bouncing and throwing her the exersaucer from side to side.  Guess she might have a bit of her daddy's temperament?  will see!