Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 month old magic

Here is a sleepy and relaxed Maeve on her 4 month b-day.  She settled right into Griffin - he is quite soft and fluffy.  He seems resigned to stay put:)

Grif gives M some love

She reacts the way we all do - ewww! :)
 a look of concern from M - 'really mom, you are going to leave me here?'

Lets see, at 4 months Maeve LOVES her jumparoo.  John gives her 'wheelies' in it.  She laughs and laughes, especially with John.  She is sleeping ok, still up 1-2x per night (ok 3x last night).  We put together her high chair last week and she is sitting in that some as the bumboo may be getting too small.  She 'sings' with us, is an early riser, and a very happy girl.

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