Saturday, March 29, 2008

new Model home update

Here is a recent photo of the new model home. The outside is coming along nicely. We have started painting the inside too. Just a couple weeks left and it should be open!

Monday, March 24, 2008

First weekend of Spring!

Dad giving direction on the egg coloring. He was also the chief judge in the egg coloring competition. Despite Dan's best efforts in bribery, we all tied for 1st place :)

Nellie gets a little one on one time with Danny.

John and I relaxing on the couch saturday night. We enjoyed pizza and egg coloring with the Burgess clan.

Dan, Ryan, Sue, Em & Helen all carefully admiring the beautiful spring eggs!

On Sunday we went to benedicta for a lovely ham dinner. Got to visit with just about the whole Rush clan, at least for a little while! John picked up lots of vegetable oil that Jerry and Neighbor had been collecting. S0 very generous of them and exciting for John who is ready for the warmer weather as it will mean he can run the van on vegetable oil again!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nellie, top down, hair back

Nellie rides with John in the convertible quite a bit and these days prefers the back seat with her head out the window....

Model Home Progress

Here is an update on our new model home. It was a beautiful day today for shingling, and the guys got the roof done. It is looking good! i can't wait to get the porches and the dormer done, that will really make the place look great!

Snow starts to receed

So, I am optimistic about the arrival of spring. As you can see in this photo our picinic table has finally started to re-appear. Yes, this is the TOP of our picnic table finally coming through. Unreal. I don't remember this much snow, ever!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vermont trip fun

John and I are back from our annual ski trip to Vermont with a group of friends that extends from a group of John's college friends. We had a great time even if the conditions didn't exactly cooperate. We got a great day of snowboarding in on Friday, a part day on Saturday and ended up snowshoeing on Sunday. The extra time was supplemented with Wii, cooking & eating, cards and clue. I don't have any pictures but hopefully shawn and liz will share some and then I can post a couple! :)

Time to get settled back in to work after a few weeks of excursions......

PS - exciting news on Emily's Blog: it looks like we will have a neice!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rockport Model Home arrives

Our new model home, The Rockport, arrived today. It is a cape style home with the option of an unfinished or finished second story. There is a lot of site work ahead for the exterior as we have 2 porches and a big dormer to build on the front. Our first reaction is that we are pleased with how it came out. I think, once finished and decorated, it will show well. The space feels nice, the kitchen has some nice features etc...

The Adam's visit

Becky, Dana, Drew and Ivy visited us at the office this morning to watch the crane and the new house coming in. The crane was pretty exciting, watching their uncle Doug at work was fun but the doughnuts and the dog were a big hit ! :) Ivy chose chocolate filled doughnut and did a very good job with that - see below. Nellie was smitten with Drew and Drew was very good at feeding Nellie treats and playing catch with her bone. Anyway, it was great to have them visit for the set.

Becky and Drew get up close to the action....

Winter keeps its hold

We had a nice march snow storm this past weekend which dumped a fair amount of fresh snow in our area. Here is John having a little trouble getting the plow truck out from the ditch but eventually it came free (with a little help from the subaru). Poor John, flew home from Tennessee just in time to go on a plowing spree - I was really glad to have him home though, otherwise I would have had to try my hand at plowing!

John and Nellie after a long day of snow removal :)