Monday, March 24, 2008

First weekend of Spring!

Dad giving direction on the egg coloring. He was also the chief judge in the egg coloring competition. Despite Dan's best efforts in bribery, we all tied for 1st place :)

Nellie gets a little one on one time with Danny.

John and I relaxing on the couch saturday night. We enjoyed pizza and egg coloring with the Burgess clan.

Dan, Ryan, Sue, Em & Helen all carefully admiring the beautiful spring eggs!

On Sunday we went to benedicta for a lovely ham dinner. Got to visit with just about the whole Rush clan, at least for a little while! John picked up lots of vegetable oil that Jerry and Neighbor had been collecting. S0 very generous of them and exciting for John who is ready for the warmer weather as it will mean he can run the van on vegetable oil again!

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