Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lizzie visits camp and the job site!

Em and Lizzie do a little relaxing at camp this weekend. Lizzie has more and more awake time and more and more strength - lots of fun to be around! She certainly knows that Em & Ryan are her mom & dad!
Em, Mom & Lizzie visited a job site last night as Cindi and I cleaned and Dad did a few last minute things. Is she too little for evolo gear? i guess probably :)

Memorial weekend fun

So, we enjoyed a long weekend this weekend - it was SO awesome to have a couple of days off! I know you all can relate. Here are a few photos from our weekend fun.

We helped plant this years crop of squash and pumpkins, we planted about exactly 41 rows and probably 2 dozen varieties. I also sprinkled sunflower seeds liberally as we planted, so we should have lots of sun flowers too. Nellie looks on too, she was in the field the whole time and did her fair share of being in the way and thinking the seeds were treats.....
Mike moved windmills this weekend from the Burgess farm in newport to the Rush farm in Benedicta.

Will & Kristen came to camp with the goods for a full on bbg/picnic - it was so awesome to have watermelon and our first corn on the cob of the season. Will was also a willing participant helping John put the next section of the dock in. Kristen and I tried out best to entertain the dog and keep her off the dog and out of the way, a futile effort. Thanks guys for a great evening!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New house - 4 box cape

This is a 4 box cape style home we set yesterday - our first of this technique.... The rain held off and things went pretty smoothly - all in all a good day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pig Progress

Here is a Tina & Willimina update - they are getting big!!!

Nellie is VERY interested in them, she doesn't bark at them anymore but is all about whatever they are doing..... She sticks her head in their pen just as far as she can. I don't think they like her very much though as they tend to bite her when ever she encroaches too far.

birthday weekend

So, we celebrated John and my Mom's birthday this weekend with a nice party & lots of lizzie time! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Recent sunset

evening at the farm

What a beautiful night last night, feeling more and more like summer around here. Mom and I worked on painting some new adirondak chair with Nellies 'help' (notice the white on her nose, whiskers and face) and John was working on replacing the brakes on the van.... Nice evening!

Visit to Winterport

I visited Em and Lizzie in Winterport yesterday to help around the house, or hang out with Lizzie so Em could get a few things done. What a cutie!

Mothers day trip to Benedicta

On our way to Benedicta for a mothers day visit, John, Nellie and I stopped at a Mount Katahdin look out point for a photo op.... There is still snow on the mountain!

Meet Lizzie!!!!

Our beautiful Neice Lizzie is home!!! She spends some time with Aunt Kate and then makes her first trip to camp. Nellie is only mildly intersted in her so far.

Friday, May 2, 2008

dock island

We got 4" of rain earlier this week which brought the water level of the lake up quiet high. as you can see, the dock which usually is connected to land, is a bit of an island these days. I think it was actually floating a one point. Parts of maine are having severe flooding, so this is really nothing, Nellie enjoys it though!