Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial weekend fun

So, we enjoyed a long weekend this weekend - it was SO awesome to have a couple of days off! I know you all can relate. Here are a few photos from our weekend fun.

We helped plant this years crop of squash and pumpkins, we planted about exactly 41 rows and probably 2 dozen varieties. I also sprinkled sunflower seeds liberally as we planted, so we should have lots of sun flowers too. Nellie looks on too, she was in the field the whole time and did her fair share of being in the way and thinking the seeds were treats.....
Mike moved windmills this weekend from the Burgess farm in newport to the Rush farm in Benedicta.

Will & Kristen came to camp with the goods for a full on bbg/picnic - it was so awesome to have watermelon and our first corn on the cob of the season. Will was also a willing participant helping John put the next section of the dock in. Kristen and I tried out best to entertain the dog and keep her off the dog and out of the way, a futile effort. Thanks guys for a great evening!

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