Friday, June 26, 2009

return of Nellie

so, I have been fielding some complaints (from John) about the absence of our beloved Nellie on the blog as of late. so, here is a photo of nellie 'helping' with the renovation.

before and after

For the last 3 months, John and I been working on a renovation project, we bought a foreclosure property here in Newport and have been renovating it. It is now complete and was listed for sale yesterday. Here are some photos:

Kitchen Before:

kitchen after

master bedroom before
It was a big project (more than 3000 sq ft completely rennovated) but we are pleased with how it came out! Now, we just have to find a buyer:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy fathers day!

we spent sunday afternoon in eddington, at the Robichauds with john's family. yummy food, good company and this extra special champagne straight from a family friend in france made for a wonderful day.
john & mike enjoy some benoit champagne

v & shawn with glasses of benoit champagne
helen, is there a website I can link too???? the champagne was delicious!!!!


yup, it's wet. we have gotten something like 4x the normal rain fall for the month of june. hopefully this means a better than average july! (i can hope can't i?)

summer solstice

we had a bonfire to celebrate the solstice last weekend. the rain held off so we were able to enjoy the fireside. bring on summer!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

From Trucks to Paintings to Cows

The cows are back for the summer, being let out for the first time is quite exciting for them. These particular cows have never been in this pasture and are a little unfamiliar with the electric fence concept. This equals an afternoon hunting through the woods in the rain to corral a few cows who run right through the electric fences in their excitement. After a few hours, they settle down, but it does make for an 'exciting' afternoon!
Lizzie showing of 3 of her 4 bottom teeth. She is so much fun these days. She LOVES baths/swimming anything to do with water and is getting all sorts of fun words. I am called 'ti-ti' or sometimes it does sound like katie and she is not afraid of uncle John and likes to say hi to him and see what he is might be working on.

This is a new painting at camp! Painted by close friend, Sharon Mack, for my parents. It has the farm with the windmill and our camp at the bottom. It has dancing christmas trees, a bonfire, pumpkin patch and so much more. We are so lucky to get to enjoy it every day!

Another dump truck for John. This one is a lot newer and is already road worthy. Luckily the other dump truck he bought this spring can be used as a parts truck for this one....

Here he is, already taking a few parts from the older dump truck. He is having fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whale bone

OK, so the restaurant is actually called the whale's tooth pub I am just capitalizing on an innocent mistake. Anyway, Sunday our dear friends Eric & Cindy were staying in Camden. We snuck down for the evening, enjoyed mojito's on the beach and a wonderful dinner (as always) at the Whale's Tooth.

proven 2.5

Last week we installed a proven 2.5kw in down east maine at a blueberry farm. It is a great wind location and despite the black flies the weather was perfect.

John assembling the turbine. (I love this picture)

The turbine starts to go up.....

Almost there

Mom watches the action

And here it is, 80' in all its glory.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Robins Wreath

We have a robin nesting in a wreath that is on the front door of our Rockport Model home! There is at least 1 egg in the nest. So neat.

Rose Retires!

My mother-in-law, Rose is retiring this year after 27 (?) years of teaching. To mark this wonderful milestone, her co-workers hosted a retirement party for her in Island Falls last week ( John, Veronica , Shawn and made the trip to join in the celebration. We had a great time visiting during the 2+ hour drive (each way). I really enjoyed meeting Rose's fellow teachers, even a few that had John in high school!.

Congratulations Rose!!!!