Thursday, June 18, 2009

From Trucks to Paintings to Cows

The cows are back for the summer, being let out for the first time is quite exciting for them. These particular cows have never been in this pasture and are a little unfamiliar with the electric fence concept. This equals an afternoon hunting through the woods in the rain to corral a few cows who run right through the electric fences in their excitement. After a few hours, they settle down, but it does make for an 'exciting' afternoon!
Lizzie showing of 3 of her 4 bottom teeth. She is so much fun these days. She LOVES baths/swimming anything to do with water and is getting all sorts of fun words. I am called 'ti-ti' or sometimes it does sound like katie and she is not afraid of uncle John and likes to say hi to him and see what he is might be working on.

This is a new painting at camp! Painted by close friend, Sharon Mack, for my parents. It has the farm with the windmill and our camp at the bottom. It has dancing christmas trees, a bonfire, pumpkin patch and so much more. We are so lucky to get to enjoy it every day!

Another dump truck for John. This one is a lot newer and is already road worthy. Luckily the other dump truck he bought this spring can be used as a parts truck for this one....

Here he is, already taking a few parts from the older dump truck. He is having fun!

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