Saturday, February 27, 2010

knit olympics project complete!

Here is my FINISHED knit-olympics bohus hat! I may have mentioned this before, but size 0 needles!!!! Anyway, I love it. An though I generally consider a project finished, even though I haven't sewn in the ends, I even sewed in the ends. yay me. I wanted to get a photo of my knit olympics head on a person, but since I am on my own today, this was the only option. I don't particularly care for this photo, but thought it was worth posting because of Griffin at the bottom. He is in the phase of having to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. I would say he is also in a destructive phase. This week his new leash and the shifter in my car were the victims of this latest phase. Oh, and so was one of our poor neighbors sneakers (a story for another time).
The only suitable photo:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#1 racer!!

John had his first winter race last weekend and he WON!!!! Go babe!!! He even got a trophy (sitting on the hood).
John has a secret weapon, or strategy, in his racing. and I am SWORN to secrecy. the only reason I post it here is because I think it is cute that he has a secret weapon that he made me swear to keep secret. Last but not least, Grif is still growing like crazy. He is over 100 lbs! He is just full of the old harry these days (a shout out to my Dad and his Dad with that phrase).
in the back ground is John's new laser level transit, a toy he has been wanting for a long time. we are building our own home this spring and actually need one, so yay, he got one! More to follow on that!

Friday, February 19, 2010

knit - olympics 2010 & bohus wild apples

every Olympics, knitters around the world cast on a challenging project for the Olympics. it is pretty serious stuff with competitions, fund raising for worthy causes etc. i am not quite to so hard core but did cast on a project i hope to finish before the games are over. this is the 'wild apples' hat. it is a kit i bought from Sweden, that includes a sweater and scarf pattern too. the kicker, size 0 needles. yup, that's pretty much insane. i do love how it looks though. check out the whole pattern here:

a little building going on::

so its be awhile since i did a 'house' post. over the past couple of weeks we have finished one home and started another. here are a few photos:

this is a 2600+sqft colonial, really beautiful design. we are building an attached garage as well. mother nature has really cooperated with us this february!
this is the home (plus an attached garage) we just finished. i hope it will be a great home for the homeowner who is downsizing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

flannel hat

Dan sports his new ice fishing hat. Got to see him for a few minutes on his way back from a weekend up north with his buds. I hear the hat was good luck


Took a quick trip to DC last week to talk with Maine's representation about how a climate change and clean energy bill would positively impact our business. Good trip, glad we got out of there before the storms hit! While meeting with our reps and senators was good, Frank Luntz presented a bunch of research about clean energy language. It turns out that 'Clean' or 'Healthy' energy polls better than 'green'. Also, 'climate change' gets a better response than 'global warming' - I can understand why, who in DC these days would call the weather global warming after 30 inches of snow! I am in support of a clean energy bill because proceeds from selling carbon credits would go back to the states through programs like those at the Efficiency Maine Trust. Virtually all of our renewable energy customers benefit from those programs. Inherently, I think polluters should pay to pollute.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Lizzie and I get to play together most mondays, and this past monday we did a lot of calling to china. watch......


Evolo installed a 3.5 Raum wind turbine in Greene Maine a couple weeks ago. This is the first Raum 3.5 in Maine and perhaps in New England! The installation went well, the tower is a self supporting tower which is a different design than we normally do (guyed) because the home is located on a river and there is a tight foot print - no room for guyed wires! Brian works at the base. You can see how large the tower base is!

Turbine and 5 blades up close

John working on the turbine