Saturday, February 27, 2010

knit olympics project complete!

Here is my FINISHED knit-olympics bohus hat! I may have mentioned this before, but size 0 needles!!!! Anyway, I love it. An though I generally consider a project finished, even though I haven't sewn in the ends, I even sewed in the ends. yay me. I wanted to get a photo of my knit olympics head on a person, but since I am on my own today, this was the only option. I don't particularly care for this photo, but thought it was worth posting because of Griffin at the bottom. He is in the phase of having to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. I would say he is also in a destructive phase. This week his new leash and the shifter in my car were the victims of this latest phase. Oh, and so was one of our poor neighbors sneakers (a story for another time).
The only suitable photo:

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Morgan said...

Love the last photo!!!