Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Took a quick trip to DC last week to talk with Maine's representation about how a climate change and clean energy bill would positively impact our business. Good trip, glad we got out of there before the storms hit! While meeting with our reps and senators was good, Frank Luntz presented a bunch of research about clean energy language. It turns out that 'Clean' or 'Healthy' energy polls better than 'green'. Also, 'climate change' gets a better response than 'global warming' - I can understand why, who in DC these days would call the weather global warming after 30 inches of snow! I am in support of a clean energy bill because proceeds from selling carbon credits would go back to the states through programs like those at the Efficiency Maine Trust. Virtually all of our renewable energy customers benefit from those programs. Inherently, I think polluters should pay to pollute.

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