Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#1 racer!!

John had his first winter race last weekend and he WON!!!! Go babe!!! He even got a trophy (sitting on the hood).
John has a secret weapon, or strategy, in his racing. and I am SWORN to secrecy. the only reason I post it here is because I think it is cute that he has a secret weapon that he made me swear to keep secret. Last but not least, Grif is still growing like crazy. He is over 100 lbs! He is just full of the old harry these days (a shout out to my Dad and his Dad with that phrase).
in the back ground is John's new laser level transit, a toy he has been wanting for a long time. we are building our own home this spring and actually need one, so yay, he got one! More to follow on that!

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