Tuesday, April 28, 2009

weekend fun

beautiful weather + 1st birthdya party = fun
mom, I am ready to party!

John & Nellie at the shore. We put the 1st section of dock on this weekend!

Ryan working away in the green house - isn't it beautiful in there?

this little piggy

two new piggies have landed at the burgess farm. meet lottie and dottie. they are already tilling in the pig tractor something fierce.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

marriage equality

a photo from the public hearing on marriage equality in augusta maine today. I wore red, like the ~80%+ others there, in support of marriage equality. It was a wonderful experience and I hope the legislators in maine do the right thing and add maine to the list of states that have ended marriage discrimination.

Friday, April 17, 2009

bangor home show 2009

the 2009 bangor home show is upon us. for the next days we will practically be living at the bangor civic center. here are a few photos of our booth, which is really special this year, featuring a 6kw wind turbine! It is 18 ft across. we also have a full size hot water solar panel on display as well as lots of info etc on our housing offering. if you are at the show, stop by and say hi!

ice out

the ice is out! here are a few photos from the last week as the ice was melting. John says we can start putting the dock in tomorrow! I think he is rushing things just a bit.


Here are Grammy Susie and Grammy Laurie with their grandkids during a standing monday afternoon date.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

truck & mud

you might think by the title of this post that it would be about off road mudding perhaps, but au contraire. actually it is about the dump truck and the mud, separately. Sorry for any disappointed off road fans.

John in his 1970 dump truck, complete with air horn and air windshield wipers! what a hoot!

is he happy or what?!?!

Next up, we have Nellie, and the 'mud' component of this post, who is the only one around here sad to see the snow go. This is probably the worst season to be a large dog owner, as she is more muddy and dirty than I care to discuss. At least in these photos she is not laying directly in the mud puddle, bonus.