Saturday, June 28, 2008

one year ago this week....

One year ago this week.... Poor doggie! Though she looks as though she is recovering from chemo, this is not the case. We had to shave her because of skin troubles. She did not like being hairless!!! The pillow she is laying on is an old one of John's that she rescued from the garbage - she still uses it today! It looks like she may make it through this summer without a buzz job.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcoming lizzie

Well, we finally held a proper baby shower/ welcoming party for baby Elizabeth. It was a beautiful day filled with family and friends. Unfortunately I failed miserably at capturing much of anything on camera. Here are a few pictures before and after the party where nearly 60 people showered love on Lizzie:

The day started with a great visit from Caroline, Garrett, girls Meredith and Adelaide and Grammy and Grampy Kus. We visited with the pigs and had an overall farm tour:) It was great to have some time early in the day with these long time friends.

Auntie Angie decorates for the party...
'Mimi' Parker did so much to for the party, she brought so many goodies and beautiful decorations!

Grammie Suzie cleaning up pre-party

Just a glimpse of the decorations:

Emily begins to go through and enjoy the many generous gift lizzie rec'd.
Here are Lizzie and I trying out a baby sling she rec'd that day. I think she likes it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

We held a belated birthday celebration in honor of our Dad last night at camp. After a brief rain shower, we enjoyed yummy lobster feed!!! There were presents to be had and homemade icecream for desert.

Dad gets a birthday 'diddy' from Danny which explained his gift of floor mats. Very creative and funny...

Mom enjoys the celebration, relaxing a bit after all the hard work of preparation!

John looks on as Dad rips into his presents.

Lizzie's first 'napkin' gift! My parents started the 'napkin' gift tradition when we were young and we were jealous of the gifts others were opening. Thus we all got one small gift at each others birthday parties in an effort to keep the peace. These gifts were generally wrapped in a napkin or paper bag and included candy.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope this year is the best one yet!

Friday, June 20, 2008

#27 debuts!

The #27 Evolo car made it's (is it his or a her? I guess I will have to ask the driver, Doug Kus) debut last night at unity speedway in Unity Maine. This quarter mile track was the perfect place for a new car and new driver.
The #27 fan club awaits the start of the race....

No, you are not seeing things, that is a Lincoln behind the #27. Pretty much anything goes in this race class!

Doug made the leader board for quite a while in the 15 lap enduro race before being spun out. #27's fans look on while the race is underway...

Way to go Doug! Great work John, Brian and Mike getting the car ready!! Can't wait to watch another race.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Nellie

A few pictures of our Nellie. She was a bit photogenic this weekend and quite agreeable (it must have been the heat)!

Here is a photo of my garden at camp. It is small but I am pretty proud of its 'weed free-ness' :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One heck of a hot set day!

We set a home in Dexter yesterday, boy was it HOT!!!! I was sweating just watching, the poor crew was just drenched and exhausted. The house came together really well though! there is quite a bit of site work to complete this home, it has full porches and all sorts of neat things, so it doesn't look that impressive yet....

Weekend in VT

We had a wonderful weekend in Vermont last weekend. Thanks to Trevor & Jen for getting married and giving us an excuse to get away for a long weekend. We stayed at a lovely B&B, did some exploring which included a little hiking and a lot of getting lost, had a great time at the wedding and enjoyed a meandering trip home. Here are John & I (both pasty white!) enjoying a little sun at Big Falls.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

licensed in solar

John got word today that he is now officially qualified and licensed by the state of Maine for solar installation. Way to go John!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eventful weekend!

Wow, it feel like a lot has happened since our last post... Where to begin? For starters, one of the most exciting things to hit Burgess road in awhile is a beautiful new windmill that John, Dad and the Evolo crew installed last weekend. Here are a few pictures and a movie:

Saturday I attended the Maine Democratic Convention as a delegate from Newport. It was my first convention and quite an experience. It was energizing and exciting to be part of such a large crowd! I am glad I went but sure slept well Saturday night as it was a LONG day.

Sunday I got to babysit for Lizzie all afternoon. The baby Bjorn is so cool! We did some gardening, lots of walking, cut flower bouquets, hung out laundry, lots of fun stuff! :) Here are a few pictures:

Today, Monday started as a normal day for me, errands, office etc... I came to the farm at lunch to visit with Mom, Em, Lizzie, Aunt Laurie, Mike and Maddie. It turns out that this afternoon my dad decided to let the heifers out. My folks once operated a dairy farm and still have the fields/barns etc. so they often have cows from other farms in their fields during the summer. Well, cows are usually quite excited to be let out in the fields after being in a barn stall all winter. Generally when letting the cows out, we expect a lot of ruckus and running - really excitement and play, from the cows until they settle down. Well, this years heifers were an unruly bunch. 5 of them broke through the fences. 3 of these 5 really went for an adventure, going across the road, checking out the neighbors garage and 1 of them took off on a 3 hour excursion. It was quite an ordeal for all of us as we worked to get them all back to where there were supposed to be! All hands were on deck, including Lizzie who got her first 'the cows are out' experience in the baby Bjorn. Unfortunately none of us had a camera handy but it was quite an afternoon. All the cows are safe and sound. Thinking of my out of state friends, in particular, reading this post makes me laugh - I can only imagine how crazy this all sounds! Life sure is different here in Maine!