Monday, June 2, 2008

Eventful weekend!

Wow, it feel like a lot has happened since our last post... Where to begin? For starters, one of the most exciting things to hit Burgess road in awhile is a beautiful new windmill that John, Dad and the Evolo crew installed last weekend. Here are a few pictures and a movie:

Saturday I attended the Maine Democratic Convention as a delegate from Newport. It was my first convention and quite an experience. It was energizing and exciting to be part of such a large crowd! I am glad I went but sure slept well Saturday night as it was a LONG day.

Sunday I got to babysit for Lizzie all afternoon. The baby Bjorn is so cool! We did some gardening, lots of walking, cut flower bouquets, hung out laundry, lots of fun stuff! :) Here are a few pictures:

Today, Monday started as a normal day for me, errands, office etc... I came to the farm at lunch to visit with Mom, Em, Lizzie, Aunt Laurie, Mike and Maddie. It turns out that this afternoon my dad decided to let the heifers out. My folks once operated a dairy farm and still have the fields/barns etc. so they often have cows from other farms in their fields during the summer. Well, cows are usually quite excited to be let out in the fields after being in a barn stall all winter. Generally when letting the cows out, we expect a lot of ruckus and running - really excitement and play, from the cows until they settle down. Well, this years heifers were an unruly bunch. 5 of them broke through the fences. 3 of these 5 really went for an adventure, going across the road, checking out the neighbors garage and 1 of them took off on a 3 hour excursion. It was quite an ordeal for all of us as we worked to get them all back to where there were supposed to be! All hands were on deck, including Lizzie who got her first 'the cows are out' experience in the baby Bjorn. Unfortunately none of us had a camera handy but it was quite an afternoon. All the cows are safe and sound. Thinking of my out of state friends, in particular, reading this post makes me laugh - I can only imagine how crazy this all sounds! Life sure is different here in Maine!

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Marcy B. said...

Quite a difference from expediting engine parts...that's for sure, but you are home and loving it!