Thursday, March 4, 2010

in deep

I am now the proud, and embarrassingly incapable, owner of a DSLR camera! My new, to me, D5000 arrived yesterday. I got a couple of lenses, the basic 18-55mm and the ultra wide lens 12-24mm (addresses the real purpose for the camera, property photos). I had been thinking and researching this for months, so it is exciting to made the decision!
So, now you get to view my experimenting. The camera arrived yesterday and the only available subjects were the Evolo house and Griffin. So, here we are.

Does he have this posing stuff down or what? He is so bored with me:)

Yes, this is my desk, I am sure you were all dying to see it.

can't believe what a difference the ultra wide lens makes. It seems like it captures things that are behind you! Love the capability, but it will take some getting used too.

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Tom said...

Having a decent camera with good lenses is a lot of fun Kate. I cant wait to see the great photos you will take with it.