Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who weighs 189 lbs?

yup, thats right. 189 lbs.
nellie scared us over the last couple of days, she was quite sick with a severe bladder infection. anyway, she is now on meds and is already feeling MUCH better.
at the vet, we realized she had not been weighed since she was ~16 months old. At that time she weighed about 160. I was actually concerned that her weight had gone down from that point, but clearly I am a blind momma. She is the biggest dog in the entire vet practice. they don't think she is overweight per say, she is tall and broad and just plain massive. OMG, we really do have a small pony for a dog.
(please forgive me nellie for broadcasting your weight on the internet)


Caitlyn said...

Whoa, Nellie! (I'm sorry, I really just couldn't resist!)

Queenie said...

More to love, just plain more to love!

Marcy B. said...

Poor little (big) Nellie!!! Glad everything is ok. My aunts female nufie is about that size too...not overweight, just alot to LOVE!