Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Posts without Pictures

Well,the last week or so I haven't found occasion to break out the camera but we have been busy. Things at Evolo are right straight ahead, infact business is picking up a bit after some quiet days around the holidays. John, Dad and crew are working away at completing the 3 houses we have going and we have another model coming in late feb. We have also been exploring new products that compliment our current business - more to come on that.

On the personal front we have all been tucking in trying to keep warm! We did venture out this weekend for a Margarita night with Kelly and Ralph and a umaine womens basketball game. Monday Susie, Laurie and I went on a shopping trip to Freeport and Augusta for a 10 hour shopping marathon. It is a good thing the car was full, otherwise the marathon might have been longer!

Tonight we headed to a Diane & Tom Allen event in pittsfield.

Our book club meets tomorrow night and we read 'Songs with out words' by Ann Packer.

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