Monday, April 11, 2011

family resemblance?

Me ~ 4 mos

 Maeve almost 3 mos

We all see lots of John, his sisters V & Char, Mom Rose & Aunt Beth when we look at Maeve, so it has been fun to look at my baby pictures and see some likeness as well!  I guess it is probably safe to say she has my hair and forehead?  No matter, she has the 'burgess stare' down pat.  


Irene B said...

Yes--now you have to have Maeve pose in the de riguer shirtless in the sink Burgess pose.

She's cute, but you were pretty adorable yourself (still are). The blue and yellow kitchen cabinets take me back!

Julie said...

I looked and looked at her Saturday, trying hard to find John, or you, or your parents, but looking at that picture of you, I can really see it. She is beautiful, as were (are) you!