Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am from a parade loving family.  My folks are part of an award winning parade group called ' the lawn chair precession drill team', my sister performed in the marching band in college and having marched in what feels like 100 (ok not anywhere near that number, but if feels like it) parades myself in highschool - I really to appreciate and enjoy parades.  This summer we worked on passing that love along to the next generation.  So far so good.

Lizzie waiting patiently....
 Mars is ready.....

 John and Maeve are ready too.

The local fire department breaks out the antique truck for this one.

This parade was nearly washed out as a heavy rain came through just when the parade was supposed to start.  Not any folks stuck around the half hour or so until the rain passed, but we did.  Lizzie reaped the benefits of being one of the few kids along the parade route.  Read as CANDY!  See her bulging pockets?  Here she negotiates with her Mom re: CANDY!

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