Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nellie Chronicles

Here is a big Nellie update. At last weigh in, about 2 weeks ago now, she was 115lbs, she is almost 9 months old. Her latest adventure, reflected in the photos above:
1. hanging out at camp
2. getting a new hunter orange vest. We got the biggest one they had, an XL and instead of fitting around her back and mid section like it should, instead she has to wear it like a kercheif.
3. Going nuts over a birthday card John got for his sister V. This card made cat meow's when opened, which excites Nellie terribly.
4. Dogs aren't supposed to eat grapes but for some reason we had trouble getting Nellie away from the Concord grape arbor. Emily and I picked them but not without some 'help' from Nellie.
5. Although she is clearly jammed into the front seat of the car, she does not care to sit in back where there is more room. So, instead, she is either smushed in like this or actually sitting in the seat like a tall hairy human being.


Emily said...

She is getting so big!!

John and Sue said...

These are great pictures! I especially like the one on the deck that shows how big she really is... and then when she is helping Emily pick grapes.... all good ones!