Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Cusp

It feels to me like the holidays are here! I can't resist holiday music, cooking, crafting and decorating these days. Christmas came early for John this year, see his 'new' excavator! He is SO excited. He had to take the cab off so it would fit in the moving truck (John had to go to VA to pick it up).

Em, Lizzie and I were pie happy this past weekend, making all sorts of crusts to last us through Thanksgiving (for desert pies and turkey pot pies - yum!). I even plan to make pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin, instead of the can. Can't wait to try it out! As you can see, Lizzie was a happy helper.

We had our first dusting of snow this morning. Nellie surveys her grounds.....

Evolo is closed for the rest of week, so we get a few days off - yay! I put up xmas trees in the model homes today so that we could turn the holiday lights on. I know it is early, but thanksgiving is late this year. In fact, Burgess Tree Farm is open this week. So, there has been much to do around the farm to get ready, decorating wreaths, putting up the tree racks & signs etc...

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