Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mooselookmeguntik - the camping

This year we embarked on our 4th annual camping trip on Mooselookmeguntik with friends Will & Kristen. We had beautiful weather, great food, good rest, delightful company, a gaze worthy fire, amazing fishing (fish post to come) and even went for a quick swim!
rinsing a few dishesearly morning photo of the fog rolling in

the view from our beach (the best campsite in Maine, at least we think so!)

calling my name

gotta love the camp fire

catching some rays
coffee and reading provisions- heaven

Kristen does a little food prep. This years menu included swordfish, corn, potatoes, homemade meatballs, cheesecake, smores and more! Do we know how to camp or what?!?!

So, we had some trouble with our air mattress so we 'put a cork in it' - ha! And... it worked!

The bacon master hard at work

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