Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall fun

Well, griffin is settling right into life at the Rush household. He is now 13 weeks and well over 30 lbs. He knows how to 'sit' on command (especially if there is a treat involved) and he rings the bell to go in and out. He also loves our shoes, dirty clothes and anything we leave on the couch or coffee table within his ever expanding reach. Here John give him some much deserved belly rubbing.
Griffin under the table at the farm, he knows we are eating something good up there!

The new wood shed at camp! It is going to be so awesome to have our firewood near by, a place for a lawn mower and wheel barrow to boot! I think it is calling out for a christmas wreath too.

Emily and Griffin while playing with Lizzie.

Lizzie shows me all her pretty bling

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