Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just made it

Phew, we survived the whirlwind that was september!  Lets see, we had a great camping trip, i went to boston with Em to visit Dan, we went to benedicta to spend labor day with the Rush clan (we also got to see the Mars Hill Wind farm - awesome!), and had a booth at the common ground country fair (also awesome). 

John speaks with an interested customer about Solar PV.  Boy, how did I end up with such a smarty pants!?!

 Common Ground Fair Booth Decorations

A new addition to the Evolo display....

 speaking of new additions, this is me at 23 weeks.  in case you haven't heard, its a girl!

 Liz and I spent some time at the play ground.  she LOVES the play ground, despite constant battles with rocks in her shoes.

 wonder what she is contemplating here? 

I love this photo of her. 

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Marcy B. said...

23 weeks, you look fab!!!