Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holiday fun 2010

Christmas Morning:  Lizzie LOVES candy canes!

 Trying out the new snowshoes

Check this out, it is a soap holder.  There is a magnet with a few teeth on it that sink into the soap and then hang from this wall mounted thingy.  Definitely a cool gadget that John found for me, straight from Japan!

This is what I opened for Christmas from John, which translated too.....
 This!  We had a great day yesterday chair hunting (well it was fun to spend the day together, but we could have done without visiting every furniture store in Maine).  In the end, we found this chair at Richard Parks in Ellsworth and it has all the features we wanted.  ie. the impossible chair.  We wanted a recliner, glider, swivel chair that was not over sized/over stuffed.  It is much harder than it sounds.  Thanks babe for the wonderful gift and your patience during the shopping process!

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