Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 7th week......

New this week, as Maeve turns 7 weeks old:

- growing, growing and more growing!  She has grown out of some of her new born outfits and I have put some 3-6 month clothes into rotation.  I definitely notice she is filling out and getting bigger
- she is big enough to wear some of the lovely knitted sweaters that we were given.  And we are wearing them alot.  As spring finally approaches, we don't have the wood stove full blast all the time which makes having a sweater a must!
- 2 nights in a row with 4 hour sleep stretches.  yay! (I can't say that with enough emphasis)
- hanging out with Daddy a couple nights on their own as I have evening meetings.  I am happy to be back in the swing of things and glad Daddy can take the reigns a couple nights a week.
- I am thinking of starting a self imposed hat of the month knitting project to ensure that I have adorable (some functional and some just outrageous) hats on hand for photo taking sessions with Maeve.  She will probably be mad at me for it 15 years down the road, but I can't resist the look funky hats on babies.  So, I have been scouring Ravelry and have come up with at least a 1/2 dozen patterns to get me started. 
- Smiling!  So much more purposeful smiling!  So a nice reward for all of mommy and daddy's efforts!

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