Tuesday, February 26, 2008

still in the snow!

Nellie was such a good dog this week while John was gone and I was sick. She laid on the floor by the couch - right beside me. When she stretches out she is practically as big as the couch. I tried to get a photo of her sprawled out but she was too interested in the camera so this was as good as I could get.

The snow has started today for what sounds like quite a storm. Nellie wants to be right out in the snow. I keep thinking that spring just HAS to be right around the corner...
Nellie and I went to Winterport for breakfast this past weekend. Nellie is staying with Em, Ryan & Brinkley (oh and poor, poor sootie the cat) while we are away for a long ski weekend the week after next. Nellie had only been to their house one other time so we thought she should hang out there a bit. Surprise, surprise, she loves it there and will have SO much fun with the parker clan.
John made it back from Utah early this morning after a very long day of trying to get home. His flights were delayed over and over again as a result of bad weather in chicago. But, he did make it home, albeit 3:00 this morning! He leaves for Nashville Tenn on Thursday night for a couple of days. I am pretty sure he has had enough of air travel for awhile! We are really looking forward to our ski weekend in VT with the crew though!

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