Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trip to Florida

John and I just got back from nearly a week in florida. The weather was perfect and we even had some time to enjoy it! We spent most of the week at the International Builder show which was pretty amazing. It is attended by ~70k people and there are thousands of exibitors and hundreds of training seminars. We soaked in as much good info as we could though by the end of the week we were pretty well absorbed :). So, saturday was spent by the pool. Then Sunday we headed to the Daytona 500. It was quite an experience to be with a quarter million people. The track is quite big so it is a little hard to see. We were right at turn 2 though and there was a lot of action there. Unfortunately I had come down with a fierce head cold on sunday and so didn't enjoy the race as much as I might have otherwise. I think John was able to really enjoy it though! We flew back to Maine on monday. Our flights we delayed and we were re-routed. We didn't actually land until Tuesday morning but we made it home just the same. Thanks to mom and dad for being such good troopers and picking us up in the middle of the night and for hosting Nellie for the week! Check out their blog at to see the adventures they had with Nellie while we were gone.
John leaves tomorrow for a long weekend in Utah with his buddy Ron......

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