Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Happenings

Fall has arrived! I love summer, but late summer and early fall are my favorite times of year. Cider, sweaters, pumpkins etc... I love it! A few random photos of what we have been up to....
the guys are working on a new storage building for Newport Self Storage. Here is a photo from this morning. Nice project because it is very close to home!

Basket full of lizzie....

Lizzie fell asleep yesterday while I was babysitting. She was exhibiting the usual signs of sleepiness, eye rubbing etc but seemed to have a hard time settling in until she worked her beautiful burp cloth (thanks Marcy) over her head. I snapped this photo before folding the burp cloth back so she could get some fresh air :)

Em and I made our first attempt at tomato sauce this weekend. Wow, what a project. It started with peeling all of these tomatoes!!!!

John and Lizzie talk things over

We finished up on this house late last week... I came out so nice - good work guys!

We celebrated my birthday last weekend, Danny was home and John had an occasion to go to the coast and get us some fresh lobster! It was quite a feast!

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Marcy B. said...

Lizzy is getting so big! Hope to make it out to Maine next fall!