Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day weekend

We had a really nice labor day weekend. It was very low key, just relaxing and getting ready for fall/winter. The weekend included making jam, splitting and stacking firewood, cleaning out the little camp, mowing the lawn etc... We also visited John's Dad who is in the hospital with a spiral fracture in his femur. He had surgery on Saturday and now has a pretty substantial metal rod and a lot of screws in his thigh. So, he will be off his feet for quite a while, which, if you know Neighbor, will not be easy for him!
We started the weekend off with a happy hour at camp for the Evolo crew. Nellie enjoyed the watermelon as you can see below.
Lizzie was mesmerized by the fire.

Lizzie & I at sunset.

The guys take in a Sauna before the water goes down. Our lake is partially drained each winter to combat pollution, so as of today the dam is open and the water levels will be drastically reduced. It signals the end of boating, swimming and summer.

Here John goes for a dip after getting hot in the sauna.

Lizzie and Grammy Suzie get some vitamin D.

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