Tuesday, January 6, 2009

holiday memories

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our holiday.

Mike at christmas in benedicta, fresh off the plane from Wisconsin

John and his sibs were successful in surprising Rose with a new laptop for christmas! It was fun to have a surprise like this one.

Mom and Dad have holiday puzzle fever, or in their case, a permanent case of puzzle fever.

Dad snowshoeing with Danny in the woods at the farm. The weather around the holidays was beautiful, we even had a few 'warm' days.

Parker family

John and Lizzie. Aren't the tights adorable!?!?!

This is me trying out my new chainsaw helmet, complete with ear protection. Can't be a 'maine' girl without taking a turn at firewood preparation.

A new christmas eve tradition for the burgess kids and their SO's, cards! last year it was scrabble but this year we were too frazzled (or at least I was) to play anything that requires the brain power of scrabble.

Nellie was 'top dog' hanging out at the top of the snow piles. She LOVES the snow and loves snowbanks. i think she purposely picks perches from where she can survey all the goings on.

Pop corn balls are a holiday staple. Dad and I made this batch.

Ryan holds lizzie as she takes in her new dolly, matching headbands and all!

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