Thursday, January 29, 2009

ski weekend

We just returned from the 7th annual ski trip with a group of friends, mostly college friends. This year we stayed at killington mountain in vermont. For January skiing, it was actually pretty good, it was not as cold as I feared it might be! We take turns with meals, play cribbage, wii and chess, ski & snowboard etc.... Us girls even got some shopping in! This is a weekend John and I look forward too every year because we always have a ton of fun and come home re-energized. I mostly left my camera in my bag all weekend but did remember to take it out one night. John prepared our 'meal' this year and we had pulled pork and beans (john's specialty). Well done babe! My contribution was whoppie pies.

John showcasing the baked beans he made

Liz & Kristen after dinner and a long day on the slopes

I didn't get any pics of actual snowboarding/skiing. I left my camera behind as I was worried I might damage it with one of my many graceful falls (i have busted 2 cameras and lost a 3rd this year alone, not while snowboarding per say, but still, my record stinks). My snowboarding skill is coming along in that I can make it down the mountain in one piece and I haven't donned the downhill ski's in at least 2-3 years. I am still really slow, but honestly I don't think I was very fast with the ski's either, guess I don't have that 'need for speed'. Oh well, the rest of the crew is very gracious to wait for me a lot.

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