Tuesday, February 17, 2009

racing and spa day

This group of fun and fabulous women and I used my upcoming wedding as a great reason/excuse to go to portland and have a decadent foot soak. It was heaven. Thanks so much for going with me!
Mom and Laurie at lunch

This is Johns race car, re incarnated as an 'ice racer'. Pretty mean looking huh? Making the transition to an 'ice racer' means that the tires have been changed to include heavy duty studs and chains. This also means that he had to fix whatever was ailing at the end of the summer race season (which he did). The ice racing happens at Moosehead Lake every saturday for about a month or so as conditions allow. John's went last weekend and had a blast until he blew a tire.

Our wedding is only 5 days away! I will post lots of pics of the event next week.

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