Thursday, February 5, 2009

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the right words escape me. this past weekend our lovely families and friends threw us a wedding shower. i knew the wedding shower was in the works but was completely blown away by the love and support we were 'showered' with. we say 'thanks' for so many everyday things that it hardly seems powerful enough to properly convey our appreciation.

John's 'little' brother Mike surprised us by making the trek from Massachusetts

Neighbor, John and Dad visiting after the party

Nellie looks exhausted after the party. actually I am betting that she had a belly ache. while the party was underway, Nellie took an entire container of onion dip out of Roses bag, opened it and ate the whole thing. Mom found her in a snow bank finishing it off. yum.

Char (John's older sister), me and Rose (John's mom) before the party. Char, Rose, and Veronica (behind the camera) were the party planners.

after the shower, life long friend, Monica brought her 3 month old baby, Tyler, and her husband Trevor to visit. i don't think Tyler and Lizzie had met before this. here are Emily and Monica and their families.

i only managed to register for a handful of things. while the party goer's may found this annoying, i am SO glad i did not have the wherewith all to register for more. why? above is just one example. our family and and friends made or picked out the most thoughtful, beautiful and generous gifts. we have so many new family treasures as a result. the painting above was created for us by friend 'queenie' (click to go to her blog). for now this masterpiece will reside in our model home, but only until the minute we have a new home to put it in.

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Queenie said...

Your words were so sweet - I had such fun painting that for you. I sort of thought of the three flowers as the three of you: you, John and Nellie....growing tall yet holding close to each other as you head out on this new journey of discovery. I am SO glad you like it - if anyone asks, yes, I take special orders!! XX Sharon